Student Induction

AMSPAR  Information for all students about the induction programme                                                                  AMSPAR Induction

All Students who register for either the certificate or diploma in primary care health management will be required to undertake an induction programme.  This will also apply if students register to take individual modules within the above courses.  The induction programme will include how the student registration process works and how AMSPAR works with City and Guilds.  It will provide an overview of your student account and the course programme you have enrolled in.  Upon application, each newly enrolled student will undertake the induction module of their chosen course immediately upon completion of their registration.  This will normally be covered during the first two weeks of enrolment.  Upon completion of the induction programme, students will be enrolled upon the first or chosen module of the course for which they have registered.

Students who apply for AMSPAR approved courses do not need to complete the induction programme.  These are independent courses that are for the CPD and personal development of individual students.

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Last modified: Friday, 16 March 2018, 9:56 AM