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The AMSPAR education registration process.

If you wish to register for a particular course, You can contact our education officer on 020 7387 6005 for further details or you can download the prospectus on this page, which has an application form included.  Alternatively, use the following link to access the student registration application form.  Please give details of the course(s) being applied for.  You will be notified by our student administration team that your request is being processed.

Student Registration

Once you application is processed, you will be sent an e-mail that will provide you with your username (your e-mail address supplied during registration) together with a security generated unique password.  You will be offered the opportunity to change this password to something more memorable to you when you first sign into AMSPAR education.

Please note that this process will only complete the registration requirement and issue you with your username for log-in purposes.  You are not yet enrolled in your course at this time.  If you attempt to join a course you will not be allowed access and a message will appear stating that you are unable to enrol for the course selected.  When the administration process has been completed, which includes the payment of fees and additional registration with City and Guilds, you will be notified by e-mail that your course enrolment has been processed.  Upon receipt of this notification, you will be able to access AMSPAR education as stated before, but this time if you select your chosen course you will be able to access the course materials.

AMSPAR education administrator

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